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Archive Transmitters

ARC 400 Tag

We can help you find your animal . . . but what was happening to it in the meantime?


Research relating to thermal ecology, foraging ecology, energetic requirements from movement data, etc. can be accomplished using ARChive tags. With ARChive transmitters, you are no longer limited to manually tracking, observing, and recording data in the field. You can continuously and automatically collect important habitat and behavioral data over the course of months, or even years.

The tags are pre-programmed by ATS. They work like a VHF tag does, but with added on-board sensors which measure and data log temperature and/or activity information. To collect data, you retrieve the tag and send back to ATS to download and supply your data. ATS can program the VHF beacon to transmit at predefined intervals, so battery life is conserved, offering long-lived operation.

Units will be pre-programmed prior to shipment and downloaded by ATS when study is complete or once the battery expires.

Available Configurations

Cylindrical Batteries
Battery Type: 10-18 10-25 10-35 1/2 AA 2/3AA AA
Tag Dims. (mm): 24 x 19 29 19 40 x19 55 x 19 64 x 19 80 x 19
Tag Weight* (gr): 9 10 13 16 22 27
Tag Life** (days): 112  162 224 402 533 869
Rectangular Batteries
Battery Type: 7PN 16M
Tag Dims. (mm): 32x20x15 63x26x15
Tag Weight* (gr): 14 22
Tag Life** (days): 239 519
* actual weight may vary dependent on transmitter configuration.
** based on continual hourly measurements, with VHF beacon on 8 hours per day at 55 ppm.



Silicon bandgap-based

Operating Ranges

Temp logging:
0 – 62°C
-40°C – 85°C
Memory capacity:
Approximately 300,000 data points

ARChive Tag Control Software


Tag reader commands include: Offload data, erase data, update clock, view tag configuration, edit tag configuration, and view runtime information, including time in run mode, and value of datapointer.


Sensor control:
Up to 2 sensors identified and programmable
Sample scheduling
Program up to three sensors with discrete reading/data collection schedules
Min. sensor scan time:
Every 60 seconds
Max. sensor scan interval:
Once per calendar year
Programming schedule:
Sensors programmable to collect readings by time of day, calendar day, calendar month

VHF Transmitter

Transmitter pulse times:
ATS to program VHF: Always on, always off, on part-time by time of day (on the hour), by calendar month and day
Pulse rate:
Selectable 20 to 255 pulses per minute (ppm)
Pulse width:
Fixed at 20 milli-seconds
Select enable/disable
Mortality pulse rate:
Selectable 0 to 254 ppm
Mortality inactivity:
Selectable 0 to 255 hours, one hour increments
Coded pulses:
Select enable/disable


Optional: IRDA Communication I/F, PN 16421

Ordering Information

Specify battery type and VHF frequency range.


One half of the specified battery life in days, up to one year.

Features and specifications subject to change without notice.


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