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photo of an ATS radio telemetry VHF transmitter attached to a monarch butterfly for wildlife tracking.


We offer a complete package - including one of the world's lightest VHF transmitters - allowing you to track and observe a variety of insects.

Track the location, habitat use, home range, and numerous other insect characteristics. Utilize the same concepts used in fish and wildlife tracking, whereby a radio telemetry receiver scans multiple frequencies to detect transmitters attached to your study insects.

 Budgeting: a receiver, antenna and cable costs under $1000. Transmitters run from $147 to $237 each, depending on model.

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Transmitter Attachments

Glue-on / Tape-on

  • Often used on small passerines and penguins. Smallest models used on insects.
  • Placed on skin or feathers at scapular region of bird’s back, or glued to insects body.
  • Attached using quick setting epoxies, like cyanoacrylates (super glue), eyelash adhesives, etc.
  • Fabric or gauze may be used to increase surface area of interface.
  • Highly variable attachment time, depending on fastening method and molting.
  • Field range comparable to other external whip antenna transmitters.
  • Significant battery drain occurs after two months storage in smallest models.
  • Programmed options available for larger models.
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Tracking System Options

Basic Ground (Manual) Tracking

Pure and simple homing, with maybe some triangulation thrown in, to locate your insect. Your range will vary and is dependent on line-of-sight between your transmitters and your receiving antenna.

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Mobile Tracking

Be more mobile and locate your insects using a vehicle.

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Aerial Telemetry System

You can get a lot more tracking done more quickly in an airplane. 

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