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a pod of dolphins swimming in the ocean.

Marine Mammals

We have the right model, at the right weight and life, using the right attachment, for your species.

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Transmitter Attachments

We've included important application details for each type of attachment.

Head Mount

  • Glued to top of seal's head using epoxy adhesives. Antenna is vertical at a 45 degree angle.
  • Good for when seal is submerged and only the head is out of water.
  • Used to track seals at sea, usually to determine foraging patterns. Transmitter will fall off when seal molts.
  • Good field range when seal is beached or head is protruding out of water.
  • Enhanced range option available on some models ( "B" suffix).
  • Programmed options available.
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Temple Tag

  • Attached using a hole into the rear flipper. Most often used on sea otters and seals.
  • When a sea otter is floating on its back, transmitter's antenna is vertical and out of the water.
  • Unlike back-mount style, temple tag will remain attached through a seal's molt.
  • Field range is good when seal is beached or a sea otter is floating, with antenna out of water.
  • Programmed options available.
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  • Glued to back of neck using various epoxy adhesives. Antenna is mounted at 45 degree angle forward.
  • Good for tracking haul-out sights and breeding grounds. Transmitter falls off when seal molts.
  • Field range is good when the seal is beached. When the seal is submerged, saltwater attenuates the VHF signal.
  • Enhanced range option available on some models ( "B" suffix).
  • Programmed options available.
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Tracking System Options

Manual Tracking

Pure and simple homing, with maybe some triangulation thrown in, to locate your target. Your range will vary and is dependent on line-of-sight between your transmitter's antenna and your receiving antenna.

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Mobile Tracking

You can mobile track using a seaworthy vessel and and a simple hand-held antenna, but to increase range, use a larger antenna mounted on a mast.

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Aerial Tracking

You can get a lot more tracking done more quickly in an aircraft. Many studies involving marine mammals in vast areas of the ocean can only be done in small aircraft to locate study animals.

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