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Acoustic Transmitters

Models SS300 Acoustic Transmitter and SS300P with Pressure Sensor option

May be configured using various sized batteries to meet your studies' life requirements; JSATS compatible. Available with Pressure Sensor for excellent 3D accuracy (Model SS300P).


  • Available in a complete system: Tags, Tag Programmer, and Receiving Equipment
  • Meets JSATS Program specifications
  • Weighs as little as 300 mg
  • Sized as small as 10.7 x 5.0 x 2.8 mm
  • User activated and configurable using the portable Pinger Dish
  • Optional Pressure Sensor for highly accurate tag depth measurement (Specify Model SS300P)

One of the smallest acoustic transmitters in the world.

The Juvenile Salmonid Acoustic Telemetry System (JSATS) was developed by the Army Corps of Engineers and its partners to study fish behavior in freshwater and marine environments. ATS has been manufacturing large numbers (more than 10,000 tags per year) of acoustic tags for the JSATS program since 2007.

Through our innovative designs, the JSATS transmitter has significantly decreased in size, increased in power output, and become easier to deploy in the field. We've achieved these improvements while still offering another ATS trademark: low cost.

The JSATS system uses a binary phase shift keyed (BPSK) code pulse to achieve a code set of over 65,000 individual ID's. The pulse rate interval (PRI), code ID, and duty cycling (sleep/delayed activation) are user configurable through the use of the highly portable ATS Pinger Dish. The pulse train contains a 7-bit Barker code, 16-bit tag ID code, and 8-bit cyclic redundancy check (CRC). The message is only 744 microseconds in length, so the short on-time saves power and reduces signal collisions as compared to other standard timing code sets on the market.

ATS manufactures acoustic transmitters using strict process control procedures and part traceability to insure a reliable product.


Code Set
65,536 indivdual BPSK codes
416.7 kHz ± 0.5%
Power output, typical
+156 dB re: 1uPa @ 1 meter
Biocompatible coating
Parylene C, 25 micron thickness
Pulse rate interval (PRI)
Factory or user configurable with Pinger Dish
Acoustic coded with Pinger Dish
4 place alphanumeric code ID
Code ID
Factory or user configurable with Pinger Dish
Duty cycling
Factory or user configurable with Pinger Dish
Pressure Sensor option
Max. error +/- 0.5 meters over 0-204 meter range
Max. Pressure: 26,214 mbar (380 psi = 267 meters)
Accuracy: 25 cm (typical @ 25 deg. C)
Resolution: 0.5 cm
Size (SS300)
10.7 mm long x 5.2 mm wide x 3.0 mm high
Weight, dry (SS300)
300 mg
Tag sizing & expected life, 337 type battery

SS300: 300 mg, 10.7 x 5.2 x 3.0 mm
SS300P: 500 mg, 14.2 x 5.3 x 4.5 mm

Interval (sec) Expected life (days)
Model SS300 / SS300P
3 23 / 7
5 37 / 12
10 68 / 22
Tag sizing & expected life, 379 type battery

SS300: 430 mg, 11.9 x 6.3 x 3.7 mm
SS300P: 600 mg, 15.6 x 7.5 x 4.5 mm

Interval (sec) Expected life (days)
Model SS300 / SS300P
3 45 / 15
5 73 / 24
10 136 / 45
Tag sizing & expected life, 392 type battery

SS300: 965 mg, 14.4 x 8.5 x 5.3 mm
SS300P: 1050 mg, 17.2 x 8.3 x 5.4 mm

Interval (sec) Expected life (days)
Model SS300 / SS300P
3 127 / 42
5 206 / 68
10 382 / 127

Ordering Information

Specify SS300 Standard Tag, or SS300P with Pressure Sensor added; battery type/size; desired PRI


One year parts and labor on materials and workmanship.

Features and specifications subject to change without notice.


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