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View of GPS satellite used for fish and wildlife telemetry and tracking systems

GPS Systems

W500 Wildlink GPS Logger, Small Collar

GPS position logging (lat/long), retrieve data via wireless communication link.


  • 65 to 115 grams, 1/2 inch or 1 inch wide nylon or neoprene collar
  • Holds 32,000 lat/long locations
  • 100% wireless operation, programming and data download
  • Choose 1 each "AA", 2 each " AA", or C sized battery configurations

Wildlink Series -- Wireless GPS Logger

The W500 will provide you with GPS lat/long positions stored in non-volatile memory, and is used on small mammals like fishers and foxes, using a collar attachment. An expandable collar version is available for fawns.

 When you need to collect your data, locate the your GPS Logger using its integrated VHF transmitter, and use the pocket-sized Wildlink W100 Remote Comm Module to wirelessly download data to your PC. Range of up to 600 meters is possible using the optional hand-held High Range Yagi antenna.

Included programming software, GPSFixes, gives you complete control over the operation of your logger, and allows you to get the maximum number of animal locations over time. These models are not refurbishable and cannot be re-batteried.


Typical Life

Based on 3 locations per day and VHF signal activated 8 hrs. per day

using 2 ea. AA batt., 3.5 years

using 1 ea. AA batt., 1.75 years


  • GPS Location Data: # of fixes to collect per 24 hr period, 15 min. increments Calendar days of the year on which to collect fixes
  • Datum: WGS84 (fixed)

VHF Transmitter

Daily on/off time by hour, minimum on-time one hour/day


3.6 V Lithium, AA (100 mA days), and C sized (333 mA days)


Via W100 Wildlink Comm. Module, using PC interconnect cable, USB to USB-mini.


Collar electronics package: 25 x 25 x 57 mm, 65 grams using one each "AA" batts.; 28 x 30 x 55 mm, 115 grams using 2 each "AA" batts.

Ordering Information

Required, available at nominal charge:

  • PN 17621 W100 Wildlink Comm. Module w/ PC cable
  • Choose: 1/2 inch or 1 inch nylon or neoprene collar mat'l; Specify: 6 to 14 inch neck circumference.

Optional PN 18003 High Range Yagi; for use with W100 Remote Comm Module


One year parts and labor on materials and workmanship

Features and specifications subject to change without notice.

W100 Communications Module for remote communications with W500 Collars


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