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GPS Systems

Neolink Series ...

M3930U VIT Transmitter and
M4230BU Expandable Fawn Collar

Radio-linked with a does' Iridium GPS Collar to alert you via e-mail of a fawn birth.  Then place a Neolink collar on the fawn, and monitor its status via push e-mail alerts.


  • Requires G5-2D Iridium GPS Collar for Neolink capability
  • E-mail alerts include collar ID, alert type, time stamp and GPS location
  • E-mail alerts for initialization (collar only), absence (out of radio range), birth (VIT only), and mortality (collar only)
  • Receive e-mail notifications within 20-30 minutes of event
  • VIT wing design optimized by leading deer biologists
  • Field proven expandable collar design
  • Saves your aviation budget, no more overfly's needed

Neolink Series -- Fawn Birth and Mortality Alerting

This new capability features a radio link between ATS' Iridium GPS collar and our VHF Vaginal Implant Transmitter (VIT). The doe’s collar, a G5-2D or G2110E2 Iridium GPS Collar, includes an integrated UHF radio chipset, which monitors the status of the M3930U Neolink VIT Transmitter, which is implanted in the doe.

 At birth, the doe’s VIT is expelled, a temperature chip senses a change in temperature, and the VIT's radio link sends this information to the Iridium collar. The collar will then transmit to the Iridium satellite and ATS's IDAQ system will receive it. We then send an email to the researcher with notification of the birth event. 

This new capability is also available on our expandable fawn collars, model series M4200. Once the fawn is collared, its status is monitored, just as the VIT transmitter is. You will first receive a collar initialization alert, via e-mail, after collaring the fawn. Should the fawn stray out of radio range of its mother, an absence alert will be e-mailed. Finally, if mortality occurs, you will receive a mortality alert via e-mail.


Typical Life

M3930U VIT: 213 days @ 30 ppm

M4230BU Collar: 700 days @ 30 ppm

E-mail Alerts on Event Triggers:

M3930U VIT: 1) out of radio range 2) ambient temp of 32 deg C (89 deg F), or below

M4230BU Collar: 1) on initialization 2) out of radio range 3) mortality

Data Retrieval

Neolink data is accessed via push email and ATS' IDAQ website (atsidaq.net)

VHF Transmitter

Pulse rate and width: fixed @ 30 ppm, 15 ms


  • M3930U VIT: 10-25 type lithium
  • M4230BU:  C size lithium


Low power UHF simplex radio


  • M3930U VIT:  Weight 23 gr., electronics: 17 x 72 mm.
  • M4230BU Collar: Weight 125 gr., electronics: 68 x 40 x 32 mm. Collar width 40 mm.

Ordering Information

  • Specify VHF frequency range
  • Neolink capability requires either the G5-2D or G2110E2 Iridium GPS Collars to be used inconjunction with VIT and/or Fawn Collar


Warranty life is 50% of quoted life, maximum of one year.

Features and specifications subject to change without notice.

M3930U Neolink VIT Transmitter
M4230BU Neolink Fawn Collar


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