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Advanced Telemetry Systems, Inc.
U.S. East, AK, Central/South America
Tom Garin
Territory Manager
Phone: (763) 444-7602
Advanced Telemetry Systems, Inc.
U.S. West
Jon Meis
Territory Manager
Phone: (763) 444-7603
Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand
Morgan Randall
Advanced Telemetry Systems, Inc.
Service Coordinator
Phone: (763) 444-9267
Jamie Erickson
Advanced Telemetry Systems, Inc.
Sales Manager
Phone: (763) 444-7600
Antonio Nogueira, ATS Europe
ATS Europe
Primary Contact
Phone: (+34) 636 330 014
Miguel Lasheras, ATS Europe
ATS Europe
Backup Contact
Phone: (+34) 609 609 352
HQ Contact
Advanced Telemetry Systems, Inc.
470 First Ave. NW
Isanti, MN 55040
Office: (763) 444-9267
Fax: (763) 444-9384
Our office hours:
8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. CT

Click on the map to find the Consultant that will be dedicated to the success of your project.

Biologists and researchers world-wide have trusted ATS's reliable telemetry products and services for over 35 years. Our Consultants and support staff will give you and your project everything you need to be a success.

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