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various antenna models used for radio telemetry animal tracking


view of a loop antenna used for radio telemetry wildlife tracking

Loop Antennas

Antenna Type Frequency Range
30-50 MHz
30-50 MHz

Low Frequency Loop

For fish ground tracking applications.


  • Fixed 2 MHz or tunable range versions.
  • Includes 1.5 meter cable.

Standard Packages:

Tunable standard package: antenna (ATS # 13936), 1.52 m (5 ft) RG58 cable (ATS #11606), and 12” metal handle with grip (ATS #12395) -OR- 24” handle for aircraft (ATS #11886).

Antenna Specs


Tunable:57.5 x 52 cm (22.5 x 20.5 in.)

Quick Antenna Tips

There are two basic antenna types: directional and non-directional (omni-directional). Directional antennas are typically Yagi type, non-directional are dipole type.

The reception pattern of a directional type antenna is shown below, left. The pattern for an omni-directional antenna is shown on the right.

view of the directional pattern of a yagi antenna used for radio telemetry wildlife tracking view of the omni-directional pattern of a yagi antenna used for radio telemetry wildlife tracking
  • The more elements on the antenna, the better the gain and effective range (they are also less portable!).
  • VHF systems are line of sight; the higher the antenna is above the ground, the better the range.
  • All ATS antennas include a standard length coaxial cable; longer lengths are available.

We offer a complete line of antennas for radio tracking; we can give you advice if you’re not sure what kind to use.


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