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Select a Program for Your Transmitters

Programmed Options

Available only in transmitters having micro-processors, not the smallest models that use simple circuits (except for temperature and activity options). The options can be used in combination, up to three each.

Each is available for a nominal charge, which is added to the base cost of the transmitter.


Doubles the pulse (beep) rate after the tag has not moved for a number of hours, usually 4, 8, or 12, indicating animal has died. Micro-switch is installed on the circuit board, and a micro-processor checks its state every second. If the state has not changed, a timer starts. Once the programmed number of hours has elapsed, mortality mode is triggered: you will hear twice the “beeping” rate as normal. 


Allows you to place up to 100 transmitters on a single frequency. The transmitters will emit two additional pulses (beeps) after an initial primary pulse. The two extra pulses are staggered in time in order to encode the signal. A specially programmed receiver (R45xx series) is able to differentiate the timing differences (codes) between any of the transmitters.

PET (Precise Event Transmitter):

Indicates elapsed time, to the nearest thirty minutes, since an event has occurred, e.g. a trap has been sprung. You need to count the number of “beeps” you hear, and then decode using an 8 bit formula. We have a handy decoding worksheet (pdf) available for you.


Alters the pulse (beep) rate as temperature changes, sensed by an internal temperature sensor. May also be used in simple circuit (astable) transmitters.


Emits extra pulses (beeps) when an internal tilt switch is closed. Extra pulses vary, depending on number of times the switch changes state. Often combined with mortality sensing.

Position Sensing:

Alters the pulse (beep) rate depending on the position of animal’s body. Can determine whether an animal is eating, perched, flying, etc. May be used in simple circuit (astable) transmitters.

Double Pulse:

Emits two pulses (beeps) at preprogrammed time interval to differentiate between different animals.