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GPS Systems

ATS model L20 Solar-Cel Tracker used for wildlife tracking, in backpack configuration

L20 Solar-Cell Collar Tracker Backpack

L20 Solar-Cell Backpack Tracker

A 30 gram wireless GPS location logging "Tracker" featuring 4G LTE Cellular communication and solar-cell assisted power for longer life. Unlimited FREE data access included with every device.


  • Weighs approximately 30 grams in Backpack configuration. With CR123-sized battery.
  • FREE unlimited 4G LTE data access is included with every L20 purchase
  • Your 4G LTE capable cellphone offers full access to the L20 for data retreival, viewing, and programming via web browser
  • Four hours of solar insolation offers 12 locations logged per day, and one daily GSM communication

Get your animal's location data from anywhere a 4G LTE Cellular signal is available.

The model L20 Solar-Cell Backpack Tracker is a new 30 gram GPS logger that will provide you with your animals GPS lat/long positions.  It can be deployed on the smallest of animals using a variety of attachment configurations. Its focus is providing you with fine scale location data.

The L20 takes location fix data, and periodically transmits those fixes over the 4G LTE network, where the data is stored in the cloud. When the L20 connects to the network, it also obtains data from the cloud and changes any desired settings set by the user. The L20 also has an integrated on-board solar cell charging circuit to save on battery weight and increase life. When you need to collect your data, use your cellphone's web browser to establish communications with the cloud, then download your data to your phone. The L20 website dashboard application will display your device's data on your phone, and allow you to perform other functions. An adaptive fix scheduling capability will optimize your number of collected GPS locations, e.g. location collection is slowed should battery level drain too quickly.

The rechargeable battery will offer very long life since it is continuously trickle charged with the integrated solar panel. You can even redeploy the logger on another animal. The software gives you complete control over the operation of your GPS device, and allows you to get the maximum number of animal locations over time.


Number of GPS Fixes by Daily Available Sunlight
Hours of Sunlight Number of Fixes
1 2
2 4
4 8

Typical life

Varies depending on duration of solar insolation and number of location fixes attempted. Indefinite battery life, battery can last several years.

On-board Memory

Storage for up to 8,000 fixes between transmits

Post Processing Software

Web browser-based dashboard provides complete control of all of your L20 devices via your cellphone or other device


Rechargeable: 200 mAh V Lithium-ion PO, Flat; Trickle charged by integrated solar cell


GSM 4G LTE Cellular


Weight: 30g

Size: 62 x 32 x 10 mm

Ordering Information

Specify attachment requirments or may be user provided.


One year parts and labor on materials and workmanship.

Features and specifications subject to change without notice.

Screen shot of web browser-based dashboard for the L20 Solar-Cell Tracker


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