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alt="photo of an ATS radio telemetry necklace transmitter being attached to a bird by researchers.">


We have the right model, at the right weight and life, using the right attachment, for your species.

Transmitter Attachments

We've included important application details for each type of attachment

Necklace Models

  • Most common attachment for pheasant, prairie and woodland grouse, quail, partridge, and increasingly, turkey.
  • Attaches to the base of the neck riding over the bird's crop.
  • Necklace consists of PVC tubing covering a coated, braided stainless steel flexible cable. The cable fits through two holes, one on each side of the transmitter. A metal sleeve is crimped to the cable on each side to hold the transmitter in place. OR, more popular now, models using a Zip-Ty are also available.
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Tracking System Options

Manual Tracking

For smaller scale studies basic homing to track your birds is commonly used.

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Remote Unattended Stations

Many presence-absence studies involving birds use one or morea data-logging receivers in located in strategic  positions. Use of a remote download modlule suchas the RDP1000 allow you to collect your data from your PC.

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Aerial Tracking System

Widely dispersed animals will be more easily located using small aircraft ... ATS has everything you'll need for aerial telemetry.

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